Kawneer is part of Alcoa Building and Construction Systems, a leading supplier of architectural systems, services and building products to the European, North American and North African construction industries. A global leader in lightweight metals engineering and manufacturing, Alcoa innovates multi-material solutions that advance our world. Its technologies enhance transportation, from automotive and commercial transport to air and space travel, and improve industrial and consumer electronics products. Alcoa also enables smart buildings, sustainable food and beverage packaging, high-performance defence vehicles across air, land and sea, deeper oil and gas drilling and more efficient power generation. The company pioneered the aluminium industry over 125 years ago, and today, 60,000 people in 30 countries deliver value-add products made of titanium, nickel and aluminium, and produce best-in-class bauxite, alumina and primary aluminium products.

Kawneer offers a comprehensive range of architectural aluminium building products and systems which include curtain wall, windows, commercial entrance doors and framing systems.

Since its beginnings over a century ago, Kawneer has been recognised as an innovator. Through the years, we've balanced experience with innovation. We've listened to our customers, and we are dedicated to providing the tools our customers need to succeed.

Kawneer's global design expertise, combined with aluminium's flexibility and recyclability, makes our building systems and products the right solutions for today and tomorrow.

Kawneer products are made from materials of the highest quality and designed with the benefit of many years of construction experience. As we control every stage of the process, from mining the bauxite ore through to designing individual systems, we offer a unique resource to architects and contractors.

Need Something Special ?

Kawneer offers the world's greatest pool of talent in architectural glazing systems, and we can design custom solutions that will help you to realise your most daring concepts. So don't compromise - by working with Kawneer you can achieve a solution to your most challenging architectural concept.

Total Performance

High performance is an essential ingredient for all building components nowadays - it is demanded by users and required by current building regulations. Throughout our history we have kept ahead of both the market and regulatory requirements to offer glazing solutions that surpass even the most demanding specifications, and our products meet or exceed all required standards of thermal performance. We have developed leading-edge production techniques to ensure that manufacturing efficiency is optimised, and environmental impact is minimised, and our right-first-time quality management systems have been devised to minimise waste and exceed the requirements of current ISO 9001 standards.

New Training Initiative

Kawneer Installation Certification (KIC) Course

An intensive two day training course designed to provide a structured, strategic approach to the installation of Kawneer products. It is aimed at individuals who are involved with the installation process, i.e. Project Managers, Contract Managers/Supervisors, Installation Team Foremen and Installers. Many Main Contractors are now demanding an improved validation of training in this specific area and KIC trained personnel are ideally suited to fulfil this requirement. The course involves an examination, where, on successful completion, the attendee is issued with a photo i.d. card and a unique KIC registration number. All attendees are logged on our database should verification be required.

Quality is the bedrock of our business and through KIC training we have an excellent opportunity to differentiate ourselves within the marketplace and create an environment of best practice in standardised installation.